Saturday, December 17, 2011

Joy amidst desert

Green is the color of a 'new beginning;' and pink, of gladness while lotus symbolizes spirituality. Spiritual joy or gift is born out of sufferings, trials or desert experiences. If you were experiencing such, be of good courage, rejoice, for gifts of the Holy Spirit are being processed within you. May you be divinely comforted in your spiritual desert at the moment and rest in this oasis of realization.

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  1. My soul has traversed the desert of experience twice. Each time passing through it is difficult and painful, yet it bears extraordinary and precious fruit. I always remind myself that "darkest is the hour before dawn". Before the light breaks open and reveals a new level of awareness and spiritual awakening, we must first encounter the darkness.

    Thank you for following my blog...I love the photo that you used to compliment your reflections.