Thursday, April 12, 2012

Silence: a deeper level of trust

God, at times, puts a soul into the most adverse situation (the gravest of the desert soul experience being Divine-Friendship-turned-Adversity) to extract from the soul a deeper level of trust in God. In such a situation, a soul is silent, trusting, submissive to the Divine Will without resorting to self-defense but allowing God-now-turned-Enemy to wreck the soul as He wishes. God, however, is true to what He is about so that Divine Defense takes place at the time He knows right and rescues the soul from further wreckage while polishing the genuineness of the soul's calling. It is painful experience to the soul but likewise joy knowing something good is going to come out from all of this -- either to continue with the soul's Divine calling or stop it once and for all, thus relieving itself from the big responsibilities that the calling entails.

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