Saturday, January 28, 2012

The rosary of wood

In the silence of the night, a Woman appeared. Through a pore on the roof, She entered. As if being beamed out from above. Without the brightness of Her glory, She came simply. Almost the whiteness of Her garment, Her deep blue cloak hid. Never She spoke, but a message She had. Never Her face was lit that I saw, but on the things Her hands were holding I was all eyes -- rosaries of two! On Her right palm was laid a rosary of wood: on the other, a rosary of gold. In a manner so gently, with hands open, She presented both to me; and, slowly, put forward Her right hand with the wooden rosary. Then, through which She came in, She left. Of the two, She was gesturing to choose the rosary of wood. Of simplicity in life despite Wealth. Of obscurity despite Fame. For not for our own whim but for His Own Will that wealth and fame be spent.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good works vs. groundwork?

A skyscraper is built on a solid foundation as a 'house built on rock.' Without it, the construction of the shaft of a building is impossible. Good works, in the same way, are the result of a good foundation of the Church -- the Eucharist! Why, then, do we jump into good works right away when the very foundation of the Church is neglected? 'No one is good but God alone.' We are not God, and no good work-ers, thus! If goodness were still left in us after the Fall -- or so we are often taught -- that could have initiated human reconciliation with the Divine. Instead, it took the oblation of the Body and Blood of the Son of Goodness to effect Divine reconciliation with man! Recognize, first, the visitation of God in the Eucharist, His Real Presence on earth, with LIVING FAITH to enable God to work within us, or do good works through us. In so doing, we never fall trap of spiritual pride and self-righteousness because of credit-grabbing for good works. The pharisee in a parable, incidentally, boasted of 'good works,' thus the ability to do good while the publican recognized the necessity of God in his life by acceptance of his wrongs and of his capability to err. Both, in the end, were justified -- the publican, by God; the pharisee, by his own self.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The perfect and the imperfect

I am an imperfection. Perfection is a need and a want in my imperfect soul. I, who am imperfect, cannot perfect my own self.

He Who is Perfect knows it. So much so He came into the world, for only He can perfect that which is imperfect.

And I welcome and accept His Coming into my life. And I go to where He is often: to admit and confess my imperfection. And touch Him with my tongue and swallow Him into my system.

Perfection is not an overnight thing. Living faith and constant communion with the Presence of One Who is Perfect will eventually lead Him to perfect me.

He Who is Perfect knows I would fall along the way. So that He has a "confessing" well built for me. He loves it there where I confess my misery, my imperfection. For, He is drawn closer to my need, my want. 

He Who Is Perfect is the fullness of my imperfection.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pagoda Bell Tower

Living a life of simplicity even in the life of faith spares Nature from destruction; and when Nature is being compromised, such is the gauge if life were lived in excess. Construction of the new bell tower was, indeed, unnecessary since one already existed at the foot of the Big Cross atop a Noah's Ark-inspired cathedral. But, the construction was pushed through and at the expense of a century-old acacia tree! Without the belfry, salvation can still be attained if and when that which is CENTRAL to our FAITH is prioritized and celebrated the proper way. Damage is already done, all right; and the only way to clean up this mess is self-forgiveness and preoccupation to proper celebration of the 'breaking of bread' instead of being busy with unnecessary things to faith. But, the ill effects of natural desecration linger so that, whether we like it or not, we are living with the consequence.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mother Nature: God or saint?

How do humans treat Mother Nature: God or saint? Nature was divinely created first before humans were created. Man has a need and Nature will replenish this need, thus Nature was first created. God first created the provision so that when mankind exists, the needs of mankind are provided ahead of time. The job of Nature, then, is to serve humankind; and Nature is a good servant. Since Nature is a good servant, Nature deserves to be treated well by its human managers. Otherwise, God, the Creator, will vindicate for Nature since Nature is created as a good servant. Do masters serve servants? Servants serve masters! If mankind were to worship Nature, mankind violates the natural purpose and arrangement of the Divine Creation; and if mankind desecrates Nature, it likewise lowers their dignity as human beings. See, the floods, the effect of natural disrespect and humans dying as a result? Nature is a good servant like a mother that cares; it is also like a saint whose nature, ideals and wisdom benefit humankind. Natural disrespect lowers the dignity of humans so does if humans were to make Nature a God.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Self-acceptance frees self

Be true to yourself. If you are still critical and tend to be judgmental towards a particular person, accept that. Understand yourself. No one is perfect. Remember, all have fallen short of Heaven's glory. Acceptance of this truth will eventually unleash us from the bondage of hypocrisy. Such is the only way. Embrace the beauty of self-acceptance and being true to self. Humility is acceptance of what is true in your person. Humility draws the Divine to your frail yet accepted self. Free yourself. Accept self.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

A canticle of the heart

In the beginning, I was nothing; in my nothingness, I came to be. I exist. But not by my own making do I exist. For, how can nothing produce something? 
Love hath created me. Hath God never been Love, I would never ever exist. But God is Love and I do exist. 
And this God-Love has taken notice of me, a forgotten nothingness that I used to be and an imperfection that I have been. Holy is His Name!
Ah, even before my existence began, I already existed. I existed in the Heart and Mind of God. For, He loved and thought well of me even before He created me, Alleluia!
And, then, I came into being. I live. Not for me do I live, but for Him Who does love me. 
I am nothing without Love. Love will perfect me.  
Forever will I sing praises to Love's Mercy; forever will I thank Mercy for His Love for me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Self-love is self-less love

Self-love is, unbelievably, a self-less act; for, it leads one to likewise love other persons! The intensity of love you give to your own self -- the ultimate being unconditional love! -- is the measuring cup you can love other selves. Accept yourself to the fullest, even your capability to err; only then will you be able to accept the same erring capabilities of other people. As you self-forgive so do you forgive others' faults. If you are still critical and judgmental, forgive yourself unconditionally and you will cease to be. Love, then, reigns.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: a year of abundance!

Today is the beginning of another year of 365 days -- PLUS! -- an extra day that makes it 366 days for 2012! A leap year! Addition is a "plus" sign, a cross; and "leap" is likewise a POSITIVE word, a LEVEL-UP JUMP! 2012 is also a year of more than enough. Try to see: "12" is the number of "superabundance." Happy 2012, everyone!!!