Friday, November 22, 2013

Yolanda: the dream, the fulfillment and the cause

Days before super typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines, I dreamed of tornadoes so huge and enormous -- gigantic whirls of wind and waters -- each spinning in different directions that where it passed through were in chaos. I was in the scene and as I saw it coming, feeling the initial wind, I asked the Lord: "Lord, should I let myself be carried away by the wind? Or should I hold on to something?" But a thought came on me: even if I held onto something, everything would be taken away by the wind. End of dream.

Is Yolanda represented by a single tornado I saw in that dream? But I saw like five tornadoes spinning of somewhat same immensity in different places. 

Prayers, coupled with sacrifices, may lessen the gravity of the impact of the catastrophes. But a catastrophe is the result of the sins committed by mankind -- especially, sins against the Holy Eucharist.

God the Father is fully Mercy as He sent His Son Jesus into the sinful world so that by the Sacrifice of His Son on the Cross, mankind is redeemed. By obedience to the Will of God the Father, the Sacrifice of the Son is Very, Very, Very Precious to the Father so that the Father desires that this Sacrifice be remembered often and always, never forgetful of this Act of the Son even a single bit -- thus, the institution of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist into the Church where the Actual Sacrifice in Calvary is re-lived each time the Mass is officiated. But when this Mercy is ridiculed resulting to "outrages, sacrileges and indifference" to the Sacrifice of the Son remembered daily in the Holy Masses, Divine Justice takes place. Thus, the advent of catastrophes in our midst. Yet, God is still Mercy when He allows these catastrophes to happen: first, He let it be sent slowly to awaken us, escalating it to catch our attention; and if by our stubbornness and pride, we continue these Eucharistic irreverence (to say the least), this means our own perils in this part of the globe greater than what happened to Cebu, Bohol and Tacloban.

Why did these catastrophes happen in other places rather than in our own place? Is it because the people there are more sinful than we are? Far from it. We, actually, sinned the same way they did -- but, in God's Mercy, we, in this place, are given a chance to repent and change our ways especially in the conduct and treatment of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Be it known that so far God has recognized our progress in bringing back respect, love and worship to the Holy Eucharist, most importantly to the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass in our region. But its scope is rather limited, hence slow and prolonged in progress as yet awaiting positive response from majority of the faithfuls. To fast-track, certain practices in the Latin Mass liturgy should be introduced already in the New Mass that we are yet adhered to -- like Communion on the tongue in kneeling position on the part of the communicants and giving out Holy Communion only by the hands of the priests.

Be it known also that God is pleased with the return of the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel (the Angel under whose protection God has entrusted the Church from infiltration of errors and heresies) recited towards the end of the present Masses as exemplified in San Pedro Cathedral, the Seat of the Archdiocese of Davao. So, too, its present Altar where the Tabernacle is rightfully placed in the center, signifying the centrality of the Holy Eucharist to our Catholic Faith.

God is pleased as well with the Eucharistic Faith that we already possess; but faith, as said, without action is dead. Please refrain from hands-clapping within the duration of the Mass which is not a  "fellowship" as in Protestant gatherings -- but "in remembrance" to the Sacrifice of His Son on the Cross in Calvary. Clasp instead both hands as in praying hands throughout the Mass as a sign of our deep gratitude and respect to the redemptive Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Did the Blessed Mother Mary clap her hands before Her Son hanging and dying on the Cross as saying: "Well done, My Son! Well done! You've done a great job!"? But no! She was in tears, feeling the pain endured by the Lord in the silence of Her Immaculate Heart, marveling at the Greatness of God's Mercy and Love towards sinners to reach that loftiness of the decision of the Father and depth of the obedience of the Son!

Similarly, when you elevate slowly the Host during Consecration, all the more you are to be extra careful in bringing It down  as a sign of your faith, love and reverence to the Body of Christ that the White Host has become after Elevation -- instead of plunging It down as if the initial faith that was acted upon is suddenly put to a halt -- lost in oblivion!

Also, since the Holy Mass is simply not a social gathering where we greet a lot of people, please stop incorporating human activities into the Mass proper -- like commencement exercises, graduation rites, award-givings, greetings of birthdays, anniversaries and the likes.

Is Yolanda equivalent to five typhoons combined? This may be the meaning of the dream. Does it mean no more super typhoons in the offing? As already said, catastrophes are the result of the sins committed by mankind against the Holy Eucharist. As this is yet committed over and over again, this kind will still come -- even worse.

Evil dreams are good because it leads to repentance. Thus, we cannot simply rebuke it away to keep the dreams from happening. In fact, dreams of this nature are Divine Gifts, manifesting God's Mercy towards people, warning us of impending catastrophes and giving us a chance to lessen its effect or eradicate these altogether depending on our response.

In these battles, our defense are victim souls who have the burden to pray the Prayer of Repentance and the Prayer of Sufferings (acceptance and living the life of simplicity, for example) in reparation for the Eucharistic sins committed by the local Archdiocese. Hence, we need more victim souls here.

But we do not only defend ourselves, we need also to attack or take offensive action to win these battles. Our offense is in stopping the causes of the catastrophes.

Stop clapping the hands during the Mass; stop giving Communion in the hand; stop laymen and women from touching and giving consecrated Hosts to communicants!!!

One last thing, was Yolanda intended for us in our region? Why, then, did it happen in other place? Let this be left unanswered. But the discerning know the answer.