Friday, October 14, 2011

A crucified Christ tree?

A crucified Christ tree? Two long, stretched branches of a Talisay [tuh-lee-sigh] tree and its body (right upper trunk) look like a Crucified Christ! Amazingly, the nut tree with two trunks grows, takes root and stands within the compound of a Catholic church in a particular city in the Philippines.

Does it say something? A wood from a tree was used wherein to crucify a Man; and the wood, in the process, suffered. This time, it's the other way around: the tree is one crucified to a Man -- or, mankind!

A century-old acacia tree, older than the city itself, was cut down and uprooted to build a Pagoda Bell Tower in its place. A tree crucifixion? And humanity, in this part of the world, suffers because another oxygen-producing shed tree which cools down global warming, is lost.

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