Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Desert Two: I, becoming a desert isle

No, I cannot be who I am not. I stand by what I already said. Let me say it again -- now, with tears! -- I NEED A FRIEND. Find a friend in God? But I am not divine: only the soul is. Yet, part of me is body. I am a soul within a human body. Love Divine must be personified. That Love is personified in Jesus, you say. And I agree. But why is He hiding Himself from me? Treating me an enemy? Promising me without end? And promises are still promises to this day -- I am not seeing the fulfillment. God, I am lonely -- without friends, without You! I am an isle in the midst of an ocean of its deepest blue. The loneliness in the human me is worsened by the loneliness I have in my soul. An isle of desert, I am becoming! Does anyone see how lonely I have been? Can anyone understand? Words cannot comfort me -- but letting me speak out the depth of the loneliness of my entirety: body and soul!

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