Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diary of St.Faustina introduces me to experience beyond ordinary

I have become interested on "life after death" since my mother died. I wanted to "know" at least what her life "over there" would be like. That is why I bought myself books that deal with the topic of the "life after." One is "My Dream of Heaven;" the other, "Divine Mercy in My Soul," the diary book of St. Faustina. Little did I know that this diary would introduce me to experience things beyond the ordinary. Don the prophet calls it "spiritual experiences;" he wrote me beforehand about it but he never gave details. He only said that, during jubilee time, God would grant me "spiritual experiences." St. Faustina, in her diary, called it "divine delights." Others call it "ecstasies." Or, that which were experienced by saints! I bought the diary book in 2003, two months after Mama's death. Since it is a thick book, I took my time reading it; and I read it only in my leisure time. And I noticed as I went along, some experiences of St. Faustina that she wrote about in the diary, I came to experience also!

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