Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Thinker with a Heart

I dreamed of this statue of the Lord Jesus of the Sacred Heart -- only He was alive as a normal human being without a Heart exposed on His Chest. He was clad in a vivid gray garment and in a deep-red cloak. It was a fleeting dream of a quarter of a minute or less. It was night. I was in front of Him looking but He seemed not to see or mind me at all. I see Him as a thinker as He sat, stood, walked to and fro and sat again in the lighted hallway back of the Church of the Sacred Heart. And, then, the dream disappeared.
"The capacity to THINK is what makes humans distinct from the rest of creation." -Aristotle, a Greek philosopher
Jesus Christ is the greatest Thinker and Philosopher of all time because He thinks with a Heart. Wisdom revolves only in Love.

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