Friday, September 20, 2013

The needs of the blog ministry

This blog was out of touch for over three weeks since my last blog entry pending financial constraints facing this blog ministry. Updating the blog means money as I have to pay the internet cafe for time used in the computer to blog -- as I am doing right now. I have learned to beg not only for food but also for some money -- for this blog; I just ask for money but I never told where to use the money for. Aside from asking for meals from a certain monastery, I went overboard so as to ask for goods as rice, noodles and sardines that I can sell. I also asked a certain young pastor, a non-Catholic minister, for some help; and I was given a twenty-peso bill! Along with the poor, I line myself beside the City Hall to avail of a weekly government subsidy of a kilo of rice, a pack of noodles, a can of sardines -- and Php20! The goods are then sold cheap so to be able to update this blog. Other financial needs are as follows: Php2,000 debt for a "third-hand" point-and-shoot camera that I have acquired since the start of this blog; an acquisition of a "second-hand" DSLR camera although this is not immediate but surely a need for this ministry.
"As for me, miserable and poor, the Lord thinks of me. You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, do not delay." -Psalm 40:17

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