Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prayer heals a sick baby

I remember a family neighbor who won gambling. From my room, one night, I heard the father shouting for winning "last two" game. Next day, I saw the mother buying groceries. A thought came on me: feeding the children of something that came from gambling? What would happen to them? Days passed and the youngest, a baby, was sick of diarrhea. They admitted the child to a government hospital every now and then without healing -- until the older boy went to my room and asked for prayers. It was a spontaneous prayer -- really from the heart because the Lord let me feel the pain of the family. Next day, the boy thanked me. His younger brother started having semi-hard stool. I told him to thank the Lord because it was the Lord Who healed his baby brother. "But it was you who prayed!" -- said the boy. Lord Jesus, thank You for those graces. I am giving back to You the glory. Amen. -Diary entry, June 7, 2008, Saturday.

(The blogger's noteBefore praying, I remember I asked the boy to repeat after me the prayers of repentance I would be saying. I asked for forgiveness for all my sins and the sins of my family -- which the boy also uttered so that the boy repented for his sins and the sins of his family. And I went on with a free-flowing prayer for healing -- born out of mercy. Of course, the older boy was prompted by his mother to ask me to pray for the baby. They attributed the healing to that prayer so much so that the baby is now a boy and each time he sees me he takes my right hand for blessing. To God be the glory!)

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