Friday, January 20, 2012

The perfect and the imperfect

I am an imperfection. Perfection is a need and a want in my imperfect soul. I, who am imperfect, cannot perfect my own self.

He Who is Perfect knows it. So much so He came into the world, for only He can perfect that which is imperfect.

And I welcome and accept His Coming into my life. And I go to where He is often: to admit and confess my imperfection. And touch Him with my tongue and swallow Him into my system.

Perfection is not an overnight thing. Living faith and constant communion with the Presence of One Who is Perfect will eventually lead Him to perfect me.

He Who is Perfect knows I would fall along the way. So that He has a "confessing" well built for me. He loves it there where I confess my misery, my imperfection. For, He is drawn closer to my need, my want. 

He Who Is Perfect is the fullness of my imperfection.

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