Sunday, January 08, 2012

A canticle of the heart

In the beginning, I was nothing; in my nothingness, I came to be. I exist. But not by my own making do I exist. For, how can nothing produce something? 
Love hath created me. Hath God never been Love, I would never ever exist. But God is Love and I do exist. 
And this God-Love has taken notice of me, a forgotten nothingness that I used to be and an imperfection that I have been. Holy is His Name!
Ah, even before my existence began, I already existed. I existed in the Heart and Mind of God. For, He loved and thought well of me even before He created me, Alleluia!
And, then, I came into being. I live. Not for me do I live, but for Him Who does love me. 
I am nothing without Love. Love will perfect me.  
Forever will I sing praises to Love's Mercy; forever will I thank Mercy for His Love for me.

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