Friday, May 24, 2013

Lucia Duhaylungsod

Loo-chi-yah-doo-hai-loong-sod! I dreamed I was speaking in tongues. The syllables of the whole piece were indistinct -- except that which was set in the middle. "Luci," in Latin, is "light" in English; "yah," in Hebrew, "God." "Duhaylungsod," in the vernacular, is "two cities." Thus, "Lucia Duhaylungsod" means "Divine Light shining forth to the two cities." Where, then, in the world, are the "two cities"? In my spirit, I was led to understand these are the Island Garden City of Samal and Davao City which, among others, comprise the Archdiocese of Davao. What does it mean to us? It is an event that is about to happen in the Archdiocese in the days ahead. And it is VERY, VERY GOOD.

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