Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pope John Paul II visits me in my dream after his death

The papal chair used by then Pope John Paul II during Mass he officiated at Davao City airport in 1981
Mercy was stirred within my heart when the late Pope John Paul II was on his deathbed.

Watching in Davao City a live telecast from the Vatican in 2005, I decided to accompany him on his dying moment by uninterrupted recitations of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy -- until he would breathe his last.

Days after his death, the Pope, dressed in his light, creamy-yellow papal vestments, visited me in my poor, lowly house -- in my night sleep!

The two of us were sitting on a simple, wooden bench facing each other in the balcony of the hut; and we were "talking" as a father to a son and a son to a father.

Details of the papal insignia of Pope John Paul II
It was "talking" in the spirit, soul to soul, eye to eye!!!

And I found myself sobbing; I woke up sobbing like a longtime yearning of my soul has been fulfilled.

Oh, the sobbing!

Those tears of the soul!

I cannot help but remember the very moment I saw Pope John Paul the Second in person when he visited Davao City in 1981.

As he appeared on the Altar at the Davao City airport, climbing up the stairs to sit on the papal chair, I was sobbing like a child!

Admittedly, I had a personal wish which had longtime been buried in the deep recesses of my soul. 

And this was: to be graced of a papal visit as happened to a selected few whose privilege I had a holy envy to. 

The particular wish met unexpected fulfillment when I let myself be a vessel of the Lord wherein God could exercise His Mercy to the Pope.

And the Blessed Pope, in return, fulfilled the secret-yet-forgotten desire of my soul.

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