Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lightning is fire!

Divine Mercy at work by timeliness of photo capture -- T-shirt stripes and skin complexion coincide with rays and altar colors
You dreamed of the Lord Jesus of the Divine Mercy.

Standing in His Greatness before you, He appeared with two rays of light coming from His Heart; but His Hands were outstretched to shock your head with lightning!

This is perplexing.

But in the silence of the heart, I was led to ask you this question: "May we know your most pressing problem by the time you had this dream?"

"It's concerning my lot wherein adjoining neighbors took some portions from," you replied.

And God brought you immediately to a realization, your "Aha!" moment: Your dream is prophetic. It already came to pass and you survived it.

The fire that razed the neighborhood including your house is the "lightning" coming from the Hands of God -- the Divine Justice -- in the light of the Divine Mercy. God is providing a learning experience for the unrepentant and a way out for God's people.

All is back to normal with new houses reconstructed in the fire-devastated neighborhood, including yours; and see if the old practice of stealing slices from your lot is still committed?

"None! Everything's fair after the fire."

(To a church-goer, family man)

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