Sunday, August 11, 2013

The transformation of a bough

In your sleep, you had a dream; a dream which you dreamed many times.

You dreamed the same dream, for the message of the dream, you had not taken hold of as yet.

"Tell me your dream and God will tell you the meaning of your dream."

You saw a bough on the ground. The bough turned into a live serpent which came up slithering around your body. It, then, turned into a kelp.

Silence. The head is emptied. Only the heartbeat is heard. Silence. And the Lord spoke in the spirit.

The "bough" is a good person in your life who is to turn against you (symbolized by a serpent). But, take heart; and never cut loose from this relationship. In the end, this person will return to the self you used to know of, will become gentle and will cease being antagonistic towards you (symbolism of a kelp).

Your spirit, then, is ushered into understanding: "I have a friend who is infatuated with a guy whom she thinks is interested in me and I am interested in as well."

She will eventually know the real score. This realization will lead her from a serpent to a kelp transformation.

Be patient.

(To a young lady-neighbor)

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