Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Caller, the called and the calling

The called is independent of any influence, control and dictates by anybody except the Caller. This blog cannot be influenced, controlled and dictated by any of the opposite sides of the Catholic Faith: the traditionalists and Novus Ordo. I listen to both in the pulpits -- yes -- but, in the end, write the way God wills of me to write. One traditionalist priest said in a sermon, however, that I am writing this blog "my way." I beg to disagree. Had I done it "my way," I would have listened and done it "his way" because of his brilliance in the rostrums but God has His Own Way of saying things -- like, putting ourselves in the shoes of another person (group, for that matter). I need not elaborate on this because clerics know better what this means. If this blog work, on the other hand, is the brainchild of "my" own concoctions, how brilliant a person would I be to be able to think of all of these. Try asking those who have known me since childhood. I am not brilliant. Just one person whose name happens to be associated with 'heroism' -- a good pseudonym for a writer, one of my professors said. Or am I under the influence of "spirits" other than the Holy Spirit? But I can boldly say to you: all of these experiences that the Lord has graced me with are, naturally, of God because I have no fear when I experience them -- but love, joy and hope. God is love. God is joy. God is hope. God is not a God of confusion, a feeling of mental discomfort, a headache that I felt when once I watched a TV show of David Blaine doing spirits-guided "magic." I would agree if someone tells you of me as "just gifted" because I cannot do it all by myself. I am under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Why am I still struggling with my sins? But, at least, I own them, I confess them, I struggle against all odds -- and there are too many of you on both sides, et cetera. One more thing, please fathers of both sides of the Faith, never look at this calling as a higher calling because which calling is higher than turning bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ? -- but God is patient with you. Rest assured that since God called me to do this work, He will finish His work in me in time He sees fit.

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