Tuesday, April 19, 2016

'Do not chew my Son!'

"Do not chew my Son!" The Blessed Virgin Mary exhorted communicants to keep from masticating the Sacred Host received in Holy Communion. Rightly so because the consecrated Host is no longer a plain wafer but Our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of a Host -- alive, breathing, pulsating, throbbing; and, above all, God and Savior! In a search to better understand the Holy Eucharist, I came across a website where I happened to read the Marian message. Change had to take place afterwards on how I conduct myself during Holy Communion. By the grace of God, upon receiving the Sacred Host on my tongue, I make it a point to just let the Host stay on my tongue unmoved as I return to my kneeler -- without allowing the Host to touch even my palate. Once on my kneeler, I will begin producing saliva to soak the Host with it, back to back; and then swallow the soft Host whole. I make it a habit to behave so since I first read the Marian message; and, not long after, in Carmel when the Host that was placed on my tongue during Holy Communion began leaping by “Itself” inside my mouth -- from my tongue to my palate and back to my tongue, up and down, half up and down, a quarter up and down, then rapid small dribbles until the Host stopped and rested back on my tongue -- the movement had beat and rhythm like a coin or ball tossed on the pavement. I was already on my way back to my kneeler when it happened so that it felt like I was walking above ground. The experience was repeated in Fatima.

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