Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dead bodies everywhere!

I had this dream morning of the other day. I found myself in an "apartment" where a small party was about to begin. Food was already served on the table and young people started coming in. I did not know any of the people I saw there but I was there. Next scene: I found myself outside the apartment with onlookers gathering around. I could see like two men in black suits pouring water on the floor as if to clean up something and in one section of the floor were laid dead bodies of those who attended the party. Next scene: I found myself in the hallway leading to the inside of what seems like a hospital -- and there were corpses everywhere, decomposing; and milky-white worms crawling on the cadavers. A woman in silent mourning was taking watch of her dead child! A little boy -- in the kneeling position with forehead touching the floor and worms slithering on his head and body -- was about to die. There were yellowish, bodily fluids -- fresh and dried -- on the floor and live worms. And the nauseating smell of corpses! The hospital was in operation no longer. Everybody -- and everything! -- was contaminated. I ran to get out! I ran trying to step only on the floors without fluids, worms and corpses. And I woke up.

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