Saturday, November 19, 2016

DU30 and the broken Sto. Niño

I had a dream in my sleep barely a month before this man was to take a seat in the highest office of the republic -- and the dream goes this way: There was a certain platform, a bridge that looks like a stage as well, it was made of steel and plywood installed in the vicinity of a local marketplace. It appears to be an impermanent structure because it has no foundation at all -- it was like a table being put up to be folded back again afterwards. On either ends of the platform, two sets of stairs opposite to each other were being assembled. And I saw this man holding a statue of the Holy Child Jesus or the "Santo Niño" ascending the "bridge" via stairs on the left. He was holding the statue by the left hand and the hand was down, gripping the statue in its middle. I was following him on his ascent -- but I lost sight of him because a group of persons was following him as well. But I was with the group of those following him. On reaching the top left of the platform, he and the entourage walked down the stairs opposite to the stairs he used to make ascent. As I was behind them, I saw the same statue of the Sto. Niño he was holding lying broken beneath the stairs where they passed through on their way down. End of dream.

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